alfredo santoro

It's really difficult to think that he's not here anymore. But he's certainly in a better place where he can walk freely again among his sugar cane plantation and smell the fresh scent from the tall eucalyptus trees; where he will listen to the pure water running in the creek and will reunite with all those who he dearly loved in his 107 years of age and left us already. I find comfort in knowing that he had an amazing long journey in this world. I can say that he made my life incredibly better, full of loving moments, and gave me beautiful unforgettable memories.  I took these photos a few years ago and they have been my favorite images of my grandfather. When I told him I wanted to take his photos around the farm, he hesitated at first, but soon after we started I noticed he was smiling and enjoying it. It was my gift to him and his gift to me. Our moment that I keep really close to my heart.