Hi! Oi! I’m Cacá - a commercial and portrait photographer from Brazil with Italian roots, living in Los Angeles. After starting my career as an architect in Brazil, I moved to the US to pursue urban planning and found another passion along the way: photography. I connect with the now, myself and others, in a truly unique way when I am photographing. It allows me to totally immerse myself in the present and feel fully alive and connected. My multicultural background attracts me to diverse subjects and my training in architecture and urbanism magically informs the way I capture images with strong compositions, shapes and forms.


In my free time, I shoots personal work or escape to spend time with my family and friends in Brazil, Mexico, as well as exploring new cultures in other parts of the world. You can see some of my 'Projector Series' personal work here.


Some of past and present clients include: Disney, The Grammys, The Getty, Darling, Method, MTV, Guthy-Renker, Sugarfina, SkipHop and The Giving Keys.

For inquiries or more info, please write to caca@cacasantoro.com